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Parent Portal Login Directions

Hello! Thank you for visiting Fresno Unified School District's Parent Portal. This page contains instructions to help you login.

Instructions: When you see a login dialog box like the example below (it may look slightly different depending on your web browser, especially if you are using an iPad or tablet) just type your parent username and enter your password.

Be sure to enter your username in this format:

For example, if your parent username is abcd1, type in the dialog box that appears.

Dialog box example: login examples
If you don't know your password, contact your school office. Click here for a directory.

Ready to proceed? Click the Sign In button.

You can skip this page in the future and go straight to the parent portal page by clicking 'skip this '.

Browser compatibility: The Parent Portal works on Internet Explorer 8-11 (windows 7 or Windows 8); Google Chrome (latest version) on Windows, Mac, android 4.0+ ; android 4.0+ native browser; Safari (only on iPad, MacOS 10.4+) Not Supported on: Windows XP; Internet explorer 7 or below; Firefox (any version)